Essex University strikes

ucuUniversity lecturers up and down the country have been taking strike action, protesting against detrimental proposals against their pensions.

University changes to the USS, University Superannuation Scheme,  would cause lecturers facing a cut to their pensions, hence why 80% of the members of the UCU voted to take strike action which could last up to two weeks.

One student at the University of Essex, Aidan Fox, said: “I think the lecturers are justified in doing what they are doing but it has had a huge effect, I feel like they could of dealt with it in a different way.”

“I’ve missed out on more than half of my lessons in the last couple of weeks, catching up on reading has been really hard.”

It is expected that if the changes take place, lecturers will be set to lose £10,000 a year of their pension when in retirement.

One maths lecturer on strike from the university explained: “Nobody wants to strike, my students are missing out and I’d much rather be inside in the warm but sometimes our voices need to be heard.”

The strikes are expected to continue until March 16.


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