The Power of a Lie-in: Do students work better in the days later hours?

Students work better in the afternoon, according to opinions of those studying at the University of Essex.

The research suggested that late nights are detrimental to students’ abilities to work in the morning, news that will not be greeted kindly by lecturers of the dreaded 9:00am lessons.

One sociology student, Danielle, said: “I don’t sleep at night so when I wake up in the morning I’m knackered”

She added: “I work best in the evening after I’ve had my nap when I come home from lectures”, showing the challenge some students find when dealing with the combination of late nights and early starts where the answer seems to be found in having a nap.

Another student, Alice, added: “My best time for working is about 12:00/1:00pm, I go to bed too late, my brain doesn’t work in the morning.”

When asked about whether they think living in student accommodation is harmful to their studies, research participants differed in opinion.

Danielle explained how she can easily be distracted by her ‘computer, phone and television’ whilst Alice countered that it is a workable environment as ‘everyone is kind of the same and wants to work’.

Joseph, a law student, offered an alternative view: “I find it (student accommodation) the best, I can’t work in other places like the library.”

Balancing hard work during the day with a good night’s sleep and maintaining a social life is always going to pose as a problem for students who can only wish there were more hours in a day.

There does seem to be a shared value that the essence of University life is to party hard and work less so, but a line must be drawn to the point where you are paying £9000 a year to simply have quicker access to the pubs on campus.

Whilst it seems impossible that Universities will give in to the demands of the sleep-deprived students, it remains to be seen whether any remedial action will be taken.

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