BBC Presenter’s Close Shave

A BBC presenter shaved one brave Coggeshall resident’s hair off in a charity fundraiser that has now raised thousands, on Friday.

Sally Bundock, who presents the BBC World Business report, shaved the head of Julie Standen to raise money for the Coggeshall Fundraising group for the Cancer Centre at Colchester Hospital.

Ms Bundock lost her husband to liver cancer last year.

Mrs Standen, 44, of St Nicholas’ Way, Coggeshall, went above and beyond contributing to the Coggeshall based fundraising group which has now surpassed £20,000.

The event, hosted in Coggeshall’s Chapel Inn, filled out with up to 40 people squeezing in to support Mrs Standen and it raised £200 in cash donations.

She explained how it all started in April 2017 when the Colchester Hospitals Group hosted a meeting to set up a Coggeshall fundraising group as part of a wider effort to reach their goal of £1,000,000 by February. If raised, this would then be matched by an anonymous donor.

Mrs Standen said: “At the meeting we were discussing ways of increasing awareness of the money being raised and I said I’d shave my hair off.”

“It is very much a community effort though, some have donated a day’s earnings and there have been various walks and runs… We are very lucky to live in such a supportive community.”

She added: “I’m lucky enough to have the choice that those facing the prospect of chemo don’t have.”

The proceeds are going to the Colchester Hospital Charity which is campaigning to complete a project to build a world class cancer centre at Colchester General Hospital.

The next Coggeshall based fundraising event is a family challenge evening on April 7, where a variety of activities are taking place including a quiz.


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