Police clashes, crowd violence and a referendum – Why Barcelona v Chelsea was about more than just the game

  Football is known as the beautiful game, but what I witnessed at Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium on March 14th last year was far from beautiful. Like waving a red rag to a bull, some Chelsea fans unfurled a Spanish flag to taunt the Catalonians amid bitter independence feuds, sparking disgraceful scenes of crowd trouble […]

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The end of the Library?

  “Shh”, orders the librarian, as a reader takes one breath too many. The quest for a silent utopia is one that librarians across the globe strive to accomplish. Do they set their morning alarm but purposely leave it on silent? Do they watch television on mute? Soon, however, in Wivenhoe the library could fall […]

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£100k – How to win Hunted

Fugitives running through the streets, drones patrolling the skies and £100,000 at stake; With no winners this year for the first time since the show premiered on screens, Channel 4’s Hunted concluded last night.   What does it take to outsmart the hunters?    Rule #1 - Don’t use your phone  “What?! How will I keep my Instagram looking […]

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How Futsal Changed my Life

  Solo-person Interview Feature    Like all good sportspeople, Bailey Harrod shows impressive dedication and commitment to his sport. Training multiple times a week, he prepares for his matches in the National Futsal League with motivation to become the best in his position. A challenge for anyone – but Bailey is different.     “Everyone learns […]

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Braintree are going to the World Cup!

Braintree against Barcelona in a World Cup final? Don’t laugh – it could happen! Young players at Braintree Futsal Club have qualified for this year’s World Futsal Cup in December, where Barcelona will be competing amongst other big names. Also joining them will be Brazilian side Santos, the team where Paris Saint Germain star Neymar […]

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Chocolate House opening

A chocolate shop in Marks Tey has opened its doors to sweet-toothed members of public who can try their arm at creating the product themselves. The shop, located at Poplar Nurseries garden centre, opened last week and owner of the Chappel Chocolate House, Sarah Knights, is ready to cater for our cravings. Listing chocolate celebrity […]

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Essex University strikes

University lecturers up and down the country have been taking strike action, protesting against detrimental proposals against their pensions. University changes to the USS, University Superannuation Scheme,  would cause lecturers facing a cut to their pensions, hence why 80% of the members of the UCU voted to take strike action which could last up to two […]

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Incinerator could starve Bees to Death

Bees could starve to death if a proposed incinerator build goes ahead, as fumes emitted would leave them unable to smell properly. Fumes emitted by the incinerator, planned to built in Rivenhall, would leave them unable to smell the flowers they seek to pollinate, putting the threatened species under further pressure Michael and Deborah Coe, […]

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